Immotrust gives particular importance on building appearance, energy performance and efficiency in its projects. Façade identity and architectural design aimed at climate conditions and sun are the most significant criteria which we consider in formation of the places. The architects who attach importance to light measurement calculation ensures provision of comfort and thus reflection of biological and physiological impact of the space on the human accurately and formation of an enjoyable atmosphere at home.
We use the sunlight in our houses in two different aspects:
1. Being of the terrace, balconies and window dimensions suitable to the structure in order to ensure using in the best manner according to the sun heat and incline at the buildings.
2. The new technology materials used are the significant materials determining the façade identity. The chose and manner of use of the materials contained on the façade partially or widely are determined according to the climate conditions of the place where building is located.
And with our life-oriented point of view besides these two factors, the spaces like kitchen, living room which are used more intensively are planned to be positioned to the facades that have direct contact with the sun light.