That ‘’home’’ which you have been dreaming may be long since….  that ‘’home’’ as you know among the trees , covered with green, embrace you with a hot spring warmness in the winter, where  you will never go out of , faced towards the freshness of the forest, giving peace to your soul. It is difficult to dreams.  The words fall short to tell. You know when you see it, when your dreams come true, your projections meet with the life, only then living is more beautiful, only then meaningful.  Someone whose job is seeking the dreams established a dream in Eskişehir, to Eskişehir. You will know when you see that is your dream. And life is starting now…..

Why urbanity to be a shackle to our foot. Especially if that city is one of the most beautiful cities of the country, Eskişehir, we have to renew just to spite the allegory in its name. For instance you have a new home on the Kütahya road at ten minutes distance to city centre. There is everything inside whatever you want. It is surrounded by nursery, green. The dew of the dawn is to give you bring joy to your face when you wake up in the morning.

Your life to become an endless holiday with the people you love near you, with safe and peace.
Light is to fill inside through all of its windows thanks to its unique architecture. It is to be designed by the best engineers of the world. It is to rest against the most sound stone of the worlds, you to own a house which adds detail understanding addressing to your please to your life.


Terrace Park is positioned in a field far from the noise of the city, clean aired and covered with greens despite the ten minutes distance. The soil surveys conducted in rocky place which is the firmest soil of  Eskişehir shows that project area is resistant to earthquake at highest level and safe. Terrace Park project is a product of a rigour starting from the land selection process. In selection of the land, getting maximum benefit of the sun light in the east-west direction and use of thermal water are the most significant factors. While water obtained from the spring offered to the service of the Terrace Park residents at indoor and outdoor pools and facilities like Turkish bath-SPA it is also an opportunity that will contribute to the heating economy in the winter.

Immotrust A.Ş., builds the spacious living spaces by using modern technology and quality materials with the sensitivity of German engineering. It designs high quality buildings where the luxury is standard by assessing the research conducted by it in the cities where the projects are realized.