In the houses built with immortrust quality and assurance with in a modern architectural understanding, all details are thought for the ease and comfort of your family. Selvi Houses that reflects our design understanding combining the classic with the modernism integrates the fashion of the day with the aesthetic in its interior lay out and designs. Stop the passing time in the houses having an architectural design that will remain modern even though the years pass.


Ever after the life standards of the present day changed the expectations from a house largely. We convert the functionality of your home where you spent most of your time comfortably in to the spaces in which you may enjoy. In another saying our aim; is converting the each corner of your home primarily being the spaces like kitchen, bathroom where function gains importance in to living spaces where you may spend quality time.

Immotrust Selvi Houses residences are offering alternatives suitable to the needs of the ones who want to become a homeowner with total 32 flats, 3+1 or 4+1 options on 4 blocks. Do not forget ‘’everything is for you in Selvi Houses…’’ For this reason all details that will ensure continuation of your safety and comfort continuously are thought. The only thing you will do is enjoying this design and privilege……


Selvi Evleri is positioned on a clean and green area far from the noise. While providing a peace and comfort environment far from the crowd, we do this by not going away the city centre and making difficult the transport. It is in a position where you may access the tramway and other transport vehicles easily and reach to environment and connection roads in a short time. So you may access to the city centre without losing time and getting stranded to the traffic.

There exist shopping opportunities, child field games and park around the project which is consisting of luxury flats surrounded by green area.


All kitchen, balconies and saloons are faced to south in Selvi houses. By this way you will save from heat and electricity. The living spaces where you spent time in the great portion of the day get the sunlight. While enjoying the light in summer save from the heat in the winter.