Immotrust is established with a sound staff that has experience of more than 20 years in real estate investment, project development and building sectors.  Its members of Board of Directors and senior managers   designed and realized successful projects in Turkey, Germany and USA in various fields such as housing projects, trade centres, infrastructure and industrial structures in Turkey, Germany and USA individually.
It is not easy to bring together the traditional values with modern architecture and local tissue in most innovative manner. The concepts that we develop by giving importance to these issues at all stages of project development processes comprises of under the title of ‘’Home to be lived in yearlong’’.  Of course both inside-and outside.
Immotrust which draws its strength from the wide experience of its staff mainly carries on business in high standard and luxury projects development, hotel and housing construction.  Immotrust is aiming to take place among the leading companies of the sector by carrying out individual and family oriented projects with its powerful architectural line and engineering by considering the high technical details and possible highest standards in the service.